It has been said, "He stands tallest who stoops to help a child."
Because We Care

It has been said, "He stands tallest who stoops to help a child." It is to this end that the churches of The State Association of Missionary Baptist Churches of Arkansas initiated the ministry of Texarkana Baptist Children's Home over one hundred years ago.

Moreover, it is a firm conviction of that truth together with the strong affirmation of the Lord Jesus Christ that "of such is the kingdom of God," that the churches and their various auxiliary groups, and friends continue to maintain this Home for orphaned, abandoned, abused, and neglected children. Presently, this Home is the mainline benevolent ministry to needful children among the churches of the American Baptist Association by virtue of their prayers, goodwill, and financial offerings.

Unlike so many homes for children which are in the childcare "business," the Texarkana Baptist Children's Home is a pure ministry in every respect. State and federal funds with their attendant strings are rejected. Instead of a few weeks or a few months commitment to a child, this home commits to meeting the needs of children until they are adults. To achieve this noble goal, corporate friends, civic partners, and individuals of a compassionate heart join with us to help establish young lives in well-serving values, enabling children to excel to their greatest potential, and the mission statement of the Home to be met.

It is therefore in deep conviction that the work of Texarkana Baptist Children's Home is, in fact, the practice of "Pure Religion," as stated in James 1:27. It is a ministry that others are invited to help accomplish by outright gifts and/or in-kind goods and services. Truly, it is an outreach opportunity that anyone will be extremely proud to have on his/her record when we all stand before the Judge of the Universe. Visits to the Home by appointment are encouraged.

Our Commitment to Children

To promote stability and a sense of well-being and belonging, long term commitments are made to children until each one reaches the age of majority or until custody is changed. Children may continue to live at the Home while attaining higher or post-secondary education.

Education at TBCH

Children at this Home attend elementary through secondary education at high quality private school, or in some cases, public education as individual needs require. Those who desire to do so and qualify may remain on campus following high school graduation to attain higher or post-secondary education. Such educational pursuits are aided by scholarship programs both on and off campus. Presently the Home maintains the Fraser Scholarship Fund; the Arville Hinsley Scholarship Fund; and the Rev. J.W. Kesner, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund that help students continue their educational goals.

Texarkana Baptist Children's Home

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