Because We Care

...providing a safe and adequate home for orphaned, abandoned and abused children...

Who We Are

Welcome to Texarkana Baptist Children's Home (Orphanage). We are a private, church–owned Home for needful children. This Home is a 24–hour residential facility, incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas, and is recognized by the federal government as a 501-C-3, not for profit organization. WE ARE NOT AN ADOPTION AGENCY.

Our Mission

"It is the mission of Texarkana Baptist Children's Home to provide a safe and adequate home for orphaned, abandoned and abused children: to facilitate the fulfillment of their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs; to lead them to Christ Jesus and His salvation; to help prepare them to become independent and contributory in God's work and in general society."

Our Commitment to Children

To promote stability and a sense of well-being and belonging, long term commitments are made to children until each one reaches the age of majority or until custody is changed. Children may continue to live at the Home while attaining higher or post-secondary education.


Children at this Home receive elementary through secondary education at high quality private school, or in some cases, public education as individual needs require. Those who desire to do so and qualify...